Creating Virtual Events that Stand to Impress

With the world moving towards a digital age, the concept of planning events has transformed drastically. Unlike the past, event organizers are keen on creating virtual events. Some say it is a webinar or video conference while others think it as a live broadcast.

In a virtual event, everything is online, starting from the venue, participants, sets, and usage of technology. For event marketers, the virtual event plays a pivotal role, and it is imperative to learn the tricks behind creating virtual events.

Stand tall in the crowd!

With live streaming gaining momentum, marketers are now creating virtual events to announce new corporate affairs or do hybrid activities. But to make your virtual event earn an acclamation ponder on the following aspects.

Break the event with intervals in between

Leveraging the webinar platform, break down the event into two parts. So by adding an interval between the sessions will make it more interactive. Participants will be intrigued to join in the next session to learn more instead of sitting for long hours in front of the system and getting bored.

Creating Virtual Events; Offer Incentives

Incentives can boost the virtual event, but it has to be an act of generosity that will connect the audience. You can offer delivery gift cards or arrange for lunch sessions virtually, where attendees will receive their lunch from a nearby restaurant at free delivery. Besides, you can also give them the link to create their personalized gifts by accessing the Virtual Event Printing platform.

Broadcast a video recorded promotional message

When sending out the fillers and posts for attending the virtual event, add innovation to your campaign by sending an audio or video recorded message. So it can be used on various social media platforms or send to the participants directly via email. This will add a personal touch to the event. Also, enable the video feature during the conference so that attendees get to know their counterparts or even answer questions by raising their hands. Besides, this will also help the participants introduce themselves in real-time on the webinar platform.

Send recordings of the event

While thinking about creating virtual events, remember to use the recording feature. People nowadays have an unpredictable schedule. Under unforeseen circumstances, if a participant has to leave the event half the way, they will receive the entire recording of the vent on their email. This will help them know about the event discussions and possible outcomes.

Creating Virtual Events; Detail planning of events

Planning is one of the most vital aspects that can make the virtual event a booming success. As an event manager, it is your responsibility to have a clear outline of the topics to be discussed in the event, number of attendees, and how long the event will go on. Even the selection of a date that is convenient for all is a must. At least 15 days before the event, you can start sending promotional messages on social media platforms so that participants will know a brief of the event. 


To make your virtual event incredibly good, you can take a step forward and plan something which hasn’t been done yet. For example, create a virtual summit dedicated to a specific industry or have the highest number of speakers to grab the attention of the participants.

Designing a unique theme for the event can also be beneficial. Make irresistible offers that your attendees cannot refuse, such as action guides, Q&A sessions, and exclusive bonuses from partners and sponsors, etc. In this way, you can make the virtual event a big success.

One cool idea would be introducing corporate gifting ideas into your virtual events. Offering some unique corporate gifts for executives is one way to engage your clients and to show them sincerity. Executives are individuals you should look out for!


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Unique Corporate Gifts for Executives

Unique Corporate Gifts for Executives is one way to help with the customer’s relationships with the company so that customers can sense the sincerity. Companies establish strong bonding between customers, suppliers, and employees through personalized corporate gifts. It is essential to choose a Unique Corporate Gifts for Executives to gain popularity among its customers.

There are definitely many ideas of Corporate gifts that you can choose from. There are pricier ones and slightly of lower price ones which you can explore to fir your budget.

Will Unique Corporate Gifts for Executives Increase Business Productivity?

The return on investment is no way related to corporate gifts directly. However Unique Corporate Gifts for Executives have always built strong relationships with the recipient at a relatively low cost. Since the bonding with the customer or supplier is stable, they will continue to contribute to increasing the company’s productivity. 

Corporate Gift Recipient And Business Popularity:

According to various surveys, usually, companies give corporate gifts only to their major customers. Companies target their future clients through corporate gifts and increase their business popularity to build a strong relationship. Corporate gifts always help in building a personal connection between the recipient and the company.

Corporate Gift Ethics And Etiquettes:

While giving away corporate gifts it is essential to follow a few ethics and etiquettes. It is important to find out the gift-receiving policy of the recipient as few government bodies and insurance companies do not accept gifts.

Therefore gifts should be carefully chosen to match their client’s policy. Gifts to be chosen to match the company’s budget and giving of cash is a big no-no and it is against gifting ethics.

In order to gain business popularity, companies should choose appropriate gifts for their customers. Corporate gifts should reflect the personality of the client. If a client likes sports then free tickets to a recent sports event can be gifted. So these thoughtful gifts on important dates will definitely help the business gain popularity among its customers.

Customized Unique Corporate Gifts for Executives Increase Business Popularity:

Customized corporate gifts help in increasing business popularity as it is one of the silent methods of company advertising. So companies can easily offer gifts that are of everyday use like coffee mugs, calendars, tote bags, pen stands, and notebooks with company printed logos that will act as daily free advertising. This is the beauty of Corporate Gifting.


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Learn how to host Perfect Pre-event Activities Singapore for your D&D

Learn how to host Perfect Pre-event Activities Singapore for your D&D

Hosting a party can be fun and stressful at the same time. When you do it right, you become famous as the best host in your friends’ circle, and a small mistake can make the whole event a big flop. Therefore a perfect pre-event activity to make sure that your party is a big hit. What do you need to be that perfect host and make your pre-event activities Singapore work?

Understand the type of guests 

From their age to their tastes, you should know your guests well to plan the most suitable D&D pre-event activities for them. You do not want something too simple or something clichéd if you are planning to impress your guests. Make sure that you do not pick something too serious unless it is a gathering comprised of your colleagues and your superiors at work.

Props to get things started

There is a combination of elements that can make or break a pre-event activities plan. You need the best of all the ingredients to make your perfect pre-event activities Singapore for your D&D work with your guests. Dinner and dance are elements that almost all parties bring. How is your dinner party going to do this differently? That should be the best question to answer. For this, you would need to spend on the right type of props based on the activity. If you have the time and talent to do it, you can get your crafty streak running and DIY the props for the activities.

Gifts to cheer up the participants

With your perfect pre-event activities Singapore for your D&D, you would be trying and creating a warm ambiance where the guests feel welcome. This is why you need activities that encourage the guests to communicate with others and make the party livelier. If they are going to be in their little world, then the party would soon turn out to be boring for most of the guests. You can, therefore, pick some beautiful corporate gifts for the participants who add life to the activities you plan. The gifts do not have to be expensive. Something simple, something personalized, can lighten up the mood and make your guests feel motivated to take part in the activities. Printed t-shirts or merchandise that reflects the theme of your party are some of the examples of gifts that can make a memory.

Plan the right activity for the venue

Besides picking activities based on the age and demographics of the guests, it is also critical to work based on the venue. Some activities are best hosted indoor and outdoor. Explore the options you have based on the space available. Do not compromise on the comfort of the guests. Make sure that all the elements, including the party décor and dinner menu, are somehow synchronized to make the activities feel like they are part of the event itself. It is definitely more fun with interactive games that keep their energy going! Keep your schedule ready and let your guests know about the kind of activities to expect to ensure that they feel prepared when the time comes. 


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Top 5 Corporate Gift Ideas

What do we give? How we make them feel special? What are the options available? These are a few questions that come to your mind when you think of corporate gifting. Every organisation has limited options to choose from. However, these corporate gifting companies customise gifts for your employees and clients adding a unique touch. Take MOP.COM.SG for example.

Earlier, money seemed to have been the only option for organizations to offer to their employees, just that the value varied from one employee to another. This used to lead to work dynamics issues overall.

The concept of Corporate Gifting is adapted from the western culture. Corporate gifts are a note of acknowledgement to prospective clients and employees. This is a small way to affirm the bonding and enhance the relationship between the giver and the recipient. From the varied options available, how do you choose the right gift? Let us have a look at these options; what could serve best for your business clients and employees.

• Food Items: Gourmet baskets are too generic today. A box full of chocolates and sweets considered as a good choice but how well would it stay in the minds of one’s memory box? The only way possible here is to be creative and decorate the basket or box a little differently and make it look rich and personalized.

• Office items: This can cover many things from a pen to a book. The small things covered under this category are pens, calendars, books, pen stands etc. To make it look unique, you can customise this with your client’s business name or employee’s name. However, always remember to choose quality than quantity. If a book is what you look at, give a novel that works on personality building or something to do with
motivation and philosophy.

• Electronics: Today, gadgets are a rage. Organisations choose from power banks to pen drives and use it as a good option for a corporate gift. This can also be personalized with your organisation’s name or employee’s name, depending on how you want to convey your concern.

• Gift Cards: Many organizations tie up with big brands and gain some benefits. They get a few coupons in return for a particular value towards the organisation. Companies offer these vouchers to their employees. Employees use this coupon to purchase and redeem it for the value mentioned on the voucher. Organisations usually connect to hypermarkets where the employees can have an array of items to choose from.

• Event tickets: For Live shows of music bands or comedians, companies tie up for sponsorships with them and get passes for entry. Event tickets are used by employees to go and celebrate these concerts and live shows with closed ones. Passes are given to employees for recreational activities to happen and a small break from their daily office chores.

Always allocate some funds for these gifting concerns. Based on this evaluate few retail merchants, get quotes and come to a conclusion on what best could be chosen as the option that not only is useful but also memorable.

Simple Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Pose – Click! The photo booth is in trend. It does not take too much time to build one. Weddings these days are more of theme based weddings, so it gets even easier for one to arrange for a photo booth at the wedding. Wedding planners take extra effort to make the photo booth look flawlessly beautiful so that the one who stands to pose individually or in the group will be overwhelmed. It does not need too much of brainstorming, all it needs is the creativity to build a great one!
A Few Simple Ideas:
You will need the right spot with the perfect lights to add glamour to the pictures.  A huge banner should be designed for the background. The banner should talk about the theme and also mention to the guests to come and click a perfect picture at the wedding. The camera and focus lights should be intact so that you need not keep arranging when one comes and poses for a picture. It makes the task easier. You can assign a photographer to handle the photo booth alone. He can click the pictures and also hand it over to the guest at the same time.
According to the theme arrange for props and make it available at the photo booth InstaPrint. Take in few numbers if at all something goes missing we should have the same one be replaced. Arrangements should be such that no one feels that there was a flaw to point at. Always do a trial before the guests start coming into the wedding. That is the best way to stay away from any problems faced at the photo booth.
Also, make sure that the camera can take an infinite number of clicks and the battery and the memory are properly checked. Have a spare camera to be of help in case of battery or memory issue faced. Weddings today focus a lot on leaving an unforgettable memory in the mind of the guests. So these photo booths work the best. Everybody today lives in the world of clicking infinite pictures, from selfies to groupies. With props, people would pose and create crazy picture perfect moments with their closed ones. Sometimes people do a bit of editing too as per the theme and then print the picture and courier it to the person.
Why not add a personalized touch? Mention the bride and grooms name on the frame with the theme and let it reflect it all the time. No one would ever want to fade off a memory just like that. Every person connects to a memory whenever one looks or notices it. Let your marriage create a memory that would last a lifetime. If you hear of any wedding of your closed ones, take an active part in creating a photo booth and make the wedding look a great one with just an added photo booth. Let the guests at the wedding go crazy over these picture perfect moments. Go on and build your own amazing photo booth the easy way!