Top 5 Corporate Gift Ideas

What do we give? How we make them feel special? What are the options available? These are a few questions that come to your mind when you think of corporate gifting. Every organisation has limited options to choose from. However, these corporate gifting companies customise gifts for your employees and clients adding a unique touch. Take MOP.COM.SG for example.

Earlier, money seemed to have been the only option for organizations to offer to their employees, just that the value varied from one employee to another. This used to lead to work dynamics issues overall.

The concept of Corporate Gifting is adapted from the western culture. Corporate gifts are a note of acknowledgement to prospective clients and employees. This is a small way to affirm the bonding and enhance the relationship between the giver and the recipient. From the varied options available, how do you choose the right gift? Let us have a look at these options; what could serve best for your business clients and employees.

• Food Items: Gourmet baskets are too generic today. A box full of chocolates and sweets considered as a good choice but how well would it stay in the minds of one’s memory box? The only way possible here is to be creative and decorate the basket or box a little differently and make it look rich and personalized.

• Office items: This can cover many things from a pen to a book. The small things covered under this category are pens, calendars, books, pen stands etc. To make it look unique, you can customise this with your client’s business name or employee’s name. However, always remember to choose quality than quantity. If a book is what you look at, give a novel that works on personality building or something to do with
motivation and philosophy.

• Electronics: Today, gadgets are a rage. Organisations choose from power banks to pen drives and use it as a good option for a corporate gift. This can also be personalized with your organisation’s name or employee’s name, depending on how you want to convey your concern.

• Gift Cards: Many organizations tie up with big brands and gain some benefits. They get a few coupons in return for a particular value towards the organisation. Companies offer these vouchers to their employees. Employees use this coupon to purchase and redeem it for the value mentioned on the voucher. Organisations usually connect to hypermarkets where the employees can have an array of items to choose from.

• Event tickets: For Live shows of music bands or comedians, companies tie up for sponsorships with them and get passes for entry. Event tickets are used by employees to go and celebrate these concerts and live shows with closed ones. Passes are given to employees for recreational activities to happen and a small break from their daily office chores.

Always allocate some funds for these gifting concerns. Based on this evaluate few retail merchants, get quotes and come to a conclusion on what best could be chosen as the option that not only is useful but also memorable.