Creating Virtual Events that Stand to Impress

With the world moving towards a digital age, the concept of planning events has transformed drastically. Unlike the past, event organizers are keen on creating virtual events. Some say it is a webinar or video conference while others think it as a live broadcast.

In a virtual event, everything is online, starting from the venue, participants, sets, and usage of technology. For event marketers, the virtual event plays a pivotal role, and it is imperative to learn the tricks behind creating virtual events.

Stand tall in the crowd!

With live streaming gaining momentum, marketers are now creating virtual events to announce new corporate affairs or do hybrid activities. But to make your virtual event earn an acclamation ponder on the following aspects.

Break the event with intervals in between

Leveraging the webinar platform, break down the event into two parts. So by adding an interval between the sessions will make it more interactive. Participants will be intrigued to join in the next session to learn more instead of sitting for long hours in front of the system and getting bored.

Creating Virtual Events; Offer Incentives

Incentives can boost the virtual event, but it has to be an act of generosity that will connect the audience. You can offer delivery gift cards or arrange for lunch sessions virtually, where attendees will receive their lunch from a nearby restaurant at free delivery. Besides, you can also give them the link to create their personalized gifts by accessing the Virtual Event Printing platform.

Broadcast a video recorded promotional message

When sending out the fillers and posts for attending the virtual event, add innovation to your campaign by sending an audio or video recorded message. So it can be used on various social media platforms or send to the participants directly via email. This will add a personal touch to the event. Also, enable the video feature during the conference so that attendees get to know their counterparts or even answer questions by raising their hands. Besides, this will also help the participants introduce themselves in real-time on the webinar platform.

Send recordings of the event

While thinking about creating virtual events, remember to use the recording feature. People nowadays have an unpredictable schedule. Under unforeseen circumstances, if a participant has to leave the event half the way, they will receive the entire recording of the vent on their email. This will help them know about the event discussions and possible outcomes.

Creating Virtual Events; Detail planning of events

Planning is one of the most vital aspects that can make the virtual event a booming success. As an event manager, it is your responsibility to have a clear outline of the topics to be discussed in the event, number of attendees, and how long the event will go on. Even the selection of a date that is convenient for all is a must. At least 15 days before the event, you can start sending promotional messages on social media platforms so that participants will know a brief of the event. 


To make your virtual event incredibly good, you can take a step forward and plan something which hasn’t been done yet. For example, create a virtual summit dedicated to a specific industry or have the highest number of speakers to grab the attention of the participants.

Designing a unique theme for the event can also be beneficial. Make irresistible offers that your attendees cannot refuse, such as action guides, Q&A sessions, and exclusive bonuses from partners and sponsors, etc. In this way, you can make the virtual event a big success.

One cool idea would be introducing corporate gifting ideas into your virtual events. Offering some unique corporate gifts for executives is one way to engage your clients and to show them sincerity. Executives are individuals you should look out for!


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